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Implementing a Social Media Strategy

BY rcmaweb|Tips for Planners|Add a comment

To be successful, social media needs a strategy. Anyone can write a tweet, but very few can write impactful posts that will grow an audience and boost the impact of your event. Whether it’s a long-term agenda or simply to satisfy the needs of a single event, posting and engagement needs some kind of outline.

First up in creating a foolproof plan, is determining your audience and the goal of your social media usage. Second, especially if your plan is solely for an event, you need to decide whether you’ll be putting any money towards the campaign. If so, determining the budget and platforms are next. While spending money on a social media campaign isn’t a necessity, it can increase your visibility by boosting posts, which strengthens results and popularity. For around $5-$10, you can get nearly 1,000 plus impressions (also known as views). When deciphering where your money will get the best results, it’s important to define your audience and your desired result—otherwise you’re throwing money at nothing and hoping it will stick. Determining your audience will help you define demographics that are most desirable to you and ensure you get more eye on your posts.

In terms of knowing how to come up with the best creative, you need to do lots of testing. This means different photos, ad types and varied targets. Depending on the campaign, it may be more about engaging the current audience with new content/messaging or finding a new audience altogether.