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Why Redesigning Your Website is a Good Idea

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For much of your audience, their first interaction with you is your website. You can see the necessity, then, of an easy-to-use website that’s clean and appealing. Technology is changing every day, which means things can get obsolete fast. It’s important to stay on top, which means updating your website.

This doesn’t mean doing a complete redesign every three to four years, but it does mean staying cognizant of areas that you can continue to improve and areas that need fixing every now and again. Want more reasons? Below are a few that just might sway your mind.

  1. Poor Results Even the most beautiful website won’t always produce the best results a company needs. If you like your website, but aren’t happy with your conversation rates, it’s time to consider how you can make a change. Think about whether your call to action is strong enough to convert visitors into customers and whether the tone of your copy makes sense.
  2. Functionality While this might seem obvious, it’s still important to note. Websites that don’t work need redesigns. Put your website through occasional tests—both internally and externally. Send surveys out to customers and employees asking them to test your functionality. Remember to think about site navigation and how easy it is to find certain content.
  3. Responsiveness Almost 20 percent of web traffic comes from mobile devices. With this in mind, it’s important that your website is responsive so that it looks the same both on your desktop and phone. If someone uses their mobile device to visit your site, and they have a poor user experience, they’re bound to leave almost immediately.
  4. Site speed Having a fast site is critical. Let’s face it, timespans are not high on the Internet and people are not patient. If your site runs slow, you will lose users. And, it’s a sign that your site is poorly developed.
  5. Content You want to rank number one on search results as compared to your competitors. This means content. Stellar content can help with everything from customer retention to search engine optimization (SEO), helping you land above your competitors on search engines. But you want good content. With your redesign, come up with a content plan that’s feasible for you to maintain and think about how that plan incorporates the keywords you want to win on.