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Official Press Release – RCMA Selects New Custom Publisher for their Association Member Magazine.

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The Religious Conference Management Association (RCMA) and Tiger Oak Media have formed a strategic publishing partnership around the development and distribution of association content. Tiger Oak Media’s custom publishing division is the new publisher for the recently re-named and re-branded member publication of RCMA. The previous association member magazine, Religious Conference Manager, will be re-launched as a magazine, digital edition and e-newsletter in June 2014 as Aspire.

“This seems like such a tremendous fit in terms of the type of specialty content we have deep experience in creating,” noted David Musolf, group publisher of Tiger Oak Media. “Adding the religious market to our robust meetings portfolio seemed like a perfect opportunity for RCMA and us. Not only did we have the capacity to take on such a project, but it’s right in our wheelhouse in terms of content and the people we have on staff. We also had the perfect match in an editor, Laurie Dove. Laurie edits and contributes to Texas Meetings + Events magazine and plans events for her own church. It’s hard to beat that combo.”

RCMA has been taking great strides in the recent past to evolve as an organization from top to bottom—and this includes a refocus on their member communication. “Our ongoing journey as a vibrant growing association calls for more intentional engagement with the participants of our community. To assist in that, we envisioned developing a refreshed print and digital publication that reflects their ‘real story,’” stated Harry Schmidt, president/CEO of RCMA. “Our desire is to communicate the passion, programs, activities and lives of our members. It must reflect the world of our planners and suppliers, provide challenging and insightful content, and the latest in best practices.”

The first issue will officially arrive in member’s offices and homes in June, but the announcement was made recently at the Emerge Conference held in Sacramento. The conference offered a great opportunity for members and suppliers to become aware of the changes to the publication.

Schmidt added, “During our highly successful Emerge 2014 Conference, Tiger Oak was ever present to assist in our public announcement. Representatives met and greeted attendees at RCMA’s Welcome Center. I had the privilege of making the public presentation with a visual image of the ASPIRE cover during the State of the Association meeting. Strong approval of conference participants was evident. I am proud and excited about this new page in RCMA’s future.”

“We look forward to providing RCMA readers with the highest quality content across both print and digital mediums,” stated Jim Younger, custom publishing media manager for Tiger Oak Media. “By introducing a cross-platform approach to RCMA’s content, we will bring greater value to their member communications and provide unparalleled exposure for advertisers looking to reach the powerful religious marketplace.”

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