Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Designation

The Religious Conference Management Association is one of 34 professional associations within the prestigious Convention Industry Council (CIC) sponsoring the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential.

The CMP certification program was developed by RCMA and other leading associations to increase professionalism within the meetings industry by:

  • Establishing a level of knowledge and performance necessary for certification.

  • Stimulating the advancement of the art and science of meeting management.

  • Increasing the value of practitioners to their employers.

  • Raising industry standards, practices, and ethics.

  • Maximizing the value of those receiving the products and services provided by CMPs.

Benefits of obtaining the CMP designation:

  • You are authorized to use the CMP designation on letterhead, business cards and all forms of address.

  • You will receive a certificate proclaiming your achievement.

  • Free subscriptions to the CIC electronic newsletter and The CMP Update.

  • Your name will be released to the press recognizing your achievement.

  • At your discretion, the CIC will inform your employer that you have achieved the meeting profession's most prestigious designation.

  • During preparation for the CMP exam you will gain a better understanding of all aspects of meeting management.

You should apply to be a CMP if you:

  • At least three years of meeting management experience.

  • Full-time employment in meeting management.

  • Responsible and accountable for the successful completion of meetings.

Why should you get a CMP?

  • Earn the respect of your peers.

  • Become recognized and respected by those in the meeting profession.